Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Bakan To The Future! The Walking Tours Of Valparaiso

Two of the highlights of the Chile scholarship trip were walking tours through Valparaiso. Valparaiso is a bright and vibrant city filled with contemporary street art. Everywhere you look the walls are decorated with colour and beautiful murals by skilled artists, and each of them have their own story, whether personal or political. It's also a rather hilly area where the unusual transport of choice are funiculars called ascensores, these are lifts that carry you up hillsides.

During the walk we visited the house of Pablo Neruda, an iconic poet and nobel prize winner of Chilean origin. His house was a bright and eclectic mix of everything from his past, each floor and room is like stepping into a different part of his personality. I thoroughly recommend visiting his house, not just for the history but also for the whimsical oddity of it.

The last part of the tour was rounded off with a boat trip around Valparaiso's bay. When the sun is setting it really brings the city to the life and it was an amazing sight, it must be even more amazing during new year's when the place is filled with boats and fireworks overhead.

So in summary definitely tag along for the walking tours of Valpo. The place is rich with culture and authenticity that's worth seeing.

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