Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Aqui Phrases Guide - Sentences You Might Want To Keep

During my trip to Chile I kept on me a small journal where I wrote the most important phrases I thought I would need talking to others and getting around, which proved to be a godsend. I don't promise that they're perfect but the locals will understand what you're after. Here are a few of the notable phrases I used a lot:

  • [Item] por favor - [Item] please
  • Que es esto en espanol? - What is this in Spanish? 
  • Que es esto? - What is this? 
  • Tiene cafe / taza de te? - Do you have coffee / tea? 
  • Como se va [Destination]? - How do I get to [Destination]?
  • Hay algun autobus que vaya a [Destination]? - Is there a bus to [Destination]?
  • Esta lejos? - Is it far? 
  • Perdone - Pardon / Excuse me  (to get attention)
  • Como voy a [Destination]? - Another way to say: How do I get to [Destination]?
  • Encontrarse - To meet up, like to meet up with friends
  • Puedes pasarme el pan, por favor? - Could you please pass me the bread? (Poder and it's other verb forms are like can or could )
  • Gracias por desayuno - Thank you for breakfast (You can replace desayuno in the sentence for other terms to thank someone for whatever you want)
  • Que significa [Word]? - What does [Word] mean? 
  • Que hora es? - What time is it? 
  • Voy a [Destination] - I'm going to [Destination]
  • Como puedo obtener aqui? - How do I get here? (Use this when pointing at a map)
  • Grande / Pequeno - Big / Small
  • Aqui - Here (Say this if you want the bus/collectivo/taxi to stop right now) 
  • Donde esta aqui? - Where is here / this place? (Aqui literally just means here, where we are, so you could say 'Donde esta aqui?' to ask where you are at that moment if lost or ask someone to point it out on a map)
  • Por aqui - Around here (Say this if you're on a bus and want the next stop)
  • Cuanto cuesta? - How much is this?
  • De nada - No problem
  • Soy Ingles - I'm English
  • No hablo espanol - I don't speak Spanish
  • No comprendo - I don't understand
  • Despacio por favor - Slowly please (If you want the person to speak slowly)
  • Antes / Despues - Before / After
  • Ahora - Now
Well that's it for most of the key phrases. They definitely helped me, I hope they're of some use to homestayers. 


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